Julio De La Fuego

Nationality Region Family Gender Hero or Scoundrel
Castillian Gallegos? De La Fuego Male Scoundrel
Physical Description
Profession Public Memberships Social Reputation Style
Merchant’s Guild Low Society
Backgrounds Value Arcana Effect
Amnesia 3 None
Reputation Type Score Highest? (High Score) Dice
Martial 00 Y (00) 00
Moral -7 Y (-7) 00
Social 00 Y (00) 00
Maximum Reputation Dice spendable on one Action: 3
Trait Score Advantages
Brawn 2 Able Drinker
Finesse 4 Keen Senses
Wits 2 Merchant’s Guild
Resolve 2 Scoundrel
Panache 3 University
Language R/W? Language R/W? Language R/W?
Avalonian No Castillian Yes Eisen No
Montaigne Yes
Civil Skills Known Martial Skills Known
Acrobat Criminal Athlete Dirty Fighting
Merchant Riverboat Pilot Fencing Pugilism
Sailor Servant
Swordsman School(s) Mastery Sorcery or Shamanism Mastery
Rogers School Apprentice None None
School Knacks Rank Sorcerous Knacks Rank
Bind 2
Corps a corps 1
Disarm 1
Exploit Weakness (Rogers) 1
School Techniques Sorcerous Techniques
Apprentice: Pirate Trick: Belaying Pin as 2k2 weapon.
Apprentice: May use Balance in place of Parry (x)
Knack Rank C/M B/A Knack Rank C/M B/A Knack Rank C/M B/A
Appraise 1 C A Attack (Fencing) 3 M B Attack (Dirty Fighting) 2 M B
Attack (Pugilism) 1 M B Balance 5 C B Barber 2 C B
Climbing 2 Y B Diplomacy 1 C A Etiquette 1 C A
Fashion 1 C B Footwork 3 Y B Gambling 1 C B
Haggle 1 C A Knotwork 2 C B Menial Tasks 1 C B
Navigation 1 C A Parry (Fencing) 2 M B Perfumer 1 C B
Pilot 2 C B Rigging 2 C B River Navigation 1 C B
Rolling 1 C A Shadowing 1 C B Sincerity 2 C A
Sprinting 1 M B Stealth 2 C B Street Navigation 1 C B
Survival 1 C B Swimming 1 M A Tailor 1 C B
Throwing 1 M B Unobtrusive 2 C A

Weapons: Belaying pin, to hit 2, damage 2k2
Fencing sword, to hit 3, damage 2k2

Other Equipment Here


Goals: Find out his whole past. Become a captain and get his own ship.

Julio De La Fuego

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