Small, wiry, green eyed, light brown hair. Clothing is well worn, and often patched.

Nationality Region Family Gender Hero or Scoundrel
Ussuran ??? ??? Male Hero
Physical Description
A small, wiry, green eyed, light brown hair. Clothing is well worn, and often patched. Most often seen aboard the Matron's Sorrow in the rigging or crow's nest.
Profession Public Memberships Social Reputation Style
Cabin Boy Low Society
Backgrounds Value Arcana Effect
Obligation 1 Hubris – Loyal GM can spend a Drama Die to force you to
Amnesia 2
Mistaken Identity 2
Nemesis 3
Reputation Type Score Highest? (High Score) Dice
Martial 03 Y (03) 01
Moral 01 Y (01) 01
Social 00 Y (00) 00
Maximum Reputation Dice spendable on one Action: 2
Trait Score Advantages
Brawn 2 Small
Finesse 3
Wits 2
Resolve 3
Panache 2
Language R/W? Language R/W? Language R/W?
Castillian Yes Eisen Yes Ussuran Yes
Civil Skills Known Martial Skills Known
Sailor Spy Athlete Knife
Streetwise Dirty Fighting
Swordsman School(s) Mastery Sorcery or Shamanism Mastery
None None Pyeryem Apprentice
School Knacks Rank Sorcerous Knacks Rank
Speak 1
Man 2
Mouse 2
Raven 1
Red Fox 1
Knack Rank C/M B/A Knack Rank C/M B/A Knack Rank C/M B/A
Attack (Dirty Fighting) 1 M B Attack (Knife) 2 M B Balance 3 C B
Climbing 2 Y B Footwork 3 Y B Knotwork 2 C B
Parry (Knife) 2 M B Rigging 1 C B Shadowing 1 C B
Sprinting 2 M B Stealth 3 C B Street Navigation 1 C B
Survival 1 C B Throwing 1 C B

Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, assumed to be in mid teens.
Height: 5’3"
Weight: 127 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Light Brown

Myshka (Ussuran for ‘Mouse’) knows how his life has gone since he washed up on the northwest shore of Eisen seven months ago. He remembers a ship, a storm, but little more than that, and nothing more of his life beforehand.

In the ensuing months, Myshka has been serving aboard the Matron’s Sorrow, learning the ropes and rigging, and how to handle a knife, though he’s not much of a combatant type, preferring to hide or confuse attackers. Still, he is a hard worker.


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