Sir Henry Worthington (Test character)

(Sample PC for demonstration & code building purposes)

Nationality Region Family Gender Hero or Scoundrel
Avalonian Lothian Worthington Male Hero
Physical Description
A big bear of an Avalon, brown eyed, fair-skinned, auburn hair with definite hints of Inish in his physical features. While technically a noble, he usually dresses in a manner more appropriate for a woodsman or game hunter.
Profession Public Memberships Social Reputation Style
Social Gadfly Low Society
Backgrounds Value Arcana Effect
Defeated 1 Hubris – Hot-headed GM can spend a Drama Die to force you to lose your temper
Nemesis 1
Reputation Type Score Highest? (High Score) Dice
Martial 24 Y (24) 03
Moral 15 Y (15) 02
Social 10 Y (10) 01
Maximum Reputation Dice spendable on one Action: 4
Trait Score Advantages
Brawn 4 Able Drinker Academy Accurate Archer
Finesse 4 Combat Reflexes Keen Senses Large
Wits 4 Linguist Legendary Trait: Finesse Night Trained
Resolve 4 Servant (Alfred) Patron (Queen Elaine) Toughness
Panache 4 University
Language R/W? Language R/W? Language R/W?
Avalonian Yes Castillian Yes Cymric Yes
Eisen Yes Montaigne Yes Vendel Yes
Vodacce Yes
Civil Skills Known Martial Skills Known
Hunter Riverboat Pilot Archer Pugilism
Sailor Guide Fencing Dirty Fighting
Acrobat Athlete
Swordsman School(s) Mastery Sorcery or Shamanism Mastery
Goodfellow School Apprentice None None
School Knacks Rank Sorcerous Knacks Rank
Arc 3
Disarm (Bow) 3
Tagging (Bow) 3
Exploit Weakness (Goodfellow) 1
Exploit Weakness (Drexel) 1
School Techniques Sorcerous Techniques
Apprentice: Add Brawn to damage with a bow.
Knack Rank C/M B/A Knack Rank C/M B/A Knack Rank C/M B/A
Attack (Bow) 3 M B Fletcher 1 M B Snapshot (Bow) 3 M A
Trick Shooting (Bow) 3 M A Attack (Fencing) 5 M B Parry (Fencing) 2 M B
Attack (Dirty Fighting) 1 M B Attack (Pugilism) 1 M B Footwork 3 Y B
Jab 1 M B Ear Clap 1 M A Climbing 3 Y B
Sprinting 1 M B Throwing 1 M B Stealth 2 C B
Tracking 2 C B Traps 1 C B Ambush 1 C A
Balance 3 C B Knotwork 2 C B Rigging 2 C B
River Navigation 1 C B Diplomacy 3 C A Sea Lore 1 C A

Henry never wanted to take his father’s place – and as the fifth child in a family of five sons and three daughters, it seemed extremely unlikely he’d ever have to…

(more fluff later)

Sir Henry Worthington (Test character)

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