A self professed "realignment specialist"

Nationality Region Family Gender Hero or Scoundrel
Mutt ??? ??? Male NPC
Physical Description
Take Doc Brown. Put him in knee-cut trousers and a sleeveless tee. Add a hat, if the sun's particularly fierce. Slap a moneybelt around his waist with larger than normal pouches. Hunch him forward a bit, the indicators of poor posture setting in. This is the kind of man that a heavy breeze would probably send flying; the fact that he has survived as many sea voyages as he has is an impressive feat in its own right.
Profession Public Memberships Social Reputation Style
Realignment Specialist Unknown
Trait Score Advantages
Brawn 1 Age & Wisdom II Castillian Education Legendary Trait: Wits
Finesse 2 Linguist Natural Aptitude: Surgery University
Wits 3
Resolve 1
Panache 2
Language R/W? Language R/W? Language R/W?
Castillian Yes Cathayan Yes Crescent Yes
Midnight Archipelago Yes Montaigne Yes Thean Yes
Vodacce Yes
Knack Rank C/M B/A Knack Rank C/M B/A Knack Rank C/M B/A
Bartending 3 C ? Compounds 3 C ? Cooking 3 C ?
Diagnosis 4 C ? First Aid (+10) 4 C ? Flora 3 C ?
Masseur 1 C ? Poisons 3 C ? Religious Lore (Crescent) 1 C ?
Surgery 3 C ?
0 Rank Knacks
Accounting Acupuncture Appraising Architechture
Dentist Examiner Haggling (+10) Quack
Storyteller (+10) Tinker Veteranarian Any Basic Merchant Knack
Unskilled Knacks of Note (No Exploders)
History (+10) Leadership (+10) Weather (+10)

Passive TN: 05
Active Defense: 1k1 – 5 No Exploders
Soak Flesh Wounds: 1k1
Crippled: 1 Dramatic Wound
Knocked Out: 2 Dramatic Wounds
Dead: 5 Dramatic Wounds total, or 3 from a single hit.


Vahres has seen quite a bit of Theah in his decades; he’s become knowledgeable about history not by learning it so much as living through it – he has witnessed a number of historical events by being in the wrong place at the right time; usually while expanding his knowledge of the healing arts. The base of his medical knowledge came, as it does for all the best doctors, from the teachings of the Castillian universities; he expanded upon this knowledge in each country he has visited. From the Montaigne, cooking techniques, some of which proved useful in refining medicinal compounds. Time spent as the personal physic for a chapterhouse of the Jennys’ Guild in Vendel gave him access to the otherwise difficult to acquire masseur’s skills. Thence to the triple kingdoms, where he acquired the essentials of bartending as part of a cultural exchange with an Inish scholar. From the Vodacce, perhaps unsurprisingly the lore of venoms and antidotes.

He managed to wrangle the right to travel with one of Bernoulli’s caravans that trade with the Crescent, and if one is to believe him, managed to impress them sufficently to be permitted to study their arts – and their collection of collected Cathayan works; the latter being the far more impressive feat by far; though not even he has claimed to have ever actually managed to visit the country proper; from these tomes he has learned the first steps in the the foreign and often mystic-seeming art of acupuncture – which appears to involve sliding long needles into the human body to cause it to relax.

Neither are the islands of the midnight archipelago terribly strange to him; he has demonstrated the ability to communicate in a number of the local dialects. Here too, he claims to have expanded his medical technique; in particular his botanical knowledge, herbal lore, and several of the native cures from the various savage shamans of the isles.

There remains little of the world he has not seen; yet even now, when his contemporaries are retiring (or going into hiding from the Inquisition), Vahres continues his journeys, ever seeking outward for more knowledge on how to mend inward.


Obligations and Entanglements Helgraf